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  1. Ночная песня
  2. Nox noctis I
  3. Светила
  4. De profundis
  5. Solea
  6. Περσεφoνη
  7. Города Луны
  8. Nox noctis II
  9. Мрак и покой
  10. Розовый вечер

IFP presents - a new full-length album of one of the most notable projects in the Russian post-industrial scene. "Nachtleid" is the second part of a planned trilogy, first one was album "Tenebrae" 2011, joint release with Sal Solaris.

 Recorded "Nachtleid" attended by 13 musicians - piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, trumpet, oboe. And well known band Reutoff play as guests on album.

 Those who have been following the work of Majdanek Waltz, usually notice evolution of their ark, complexity of the structure of the compositions, strength and mature of reflection, the depth of sound, all this quality increases from album to album and not an exaggeration to say that with "Nachtleid" group revealed deeper their potential.

  "Nachtleid" in a good way very cinematic album that draws more than hour-long picture, which we hope will please fans of the band, as well as us. Paul Bliumkin characteristic vocal accompaniment neoclassicism , neofolk, dark ambient, martial ... to give a description of the project by means of music tags has long been a pointless, but corporate identity MW still remains easily recognizable.

Limited to 270 copies.


 "Even against the backdrop of the previous ones, to put it mildly gloomy album," Nachtleid " is characterized by its high content of gloom and Dark Ambient." - Look Out

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