Aghast Manor - Gaslights [CD]
  • Aghast Manor - Gaslights [CD]

Aghast Manor - Gaslights [CD]

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Aghast Manor is a new creation of Andrea Nebel who after making dark movie soundtracks also successfully introduced her old Aghast songs to actors and filmdirectors such as Scott Derrickson and David Lynch, thus inspiring her to do a full album with dark tracks again... Aghast Manor is inviting you to haunting darkness and decadent visions, providing perfect soundtracks for dark disturbing atmospheres. With a blend of sinister ambient and classical tunes the first album 'Gaslights' is giving you images of industrial lunacies, victorian visions of opium smokes and dark poetry, femme fatales, Jack the Ripper and Lovecraftian occult experiences ... Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation has submitted a song called 'Suck My Drain', vividly describing the atmospheres within slaughterhouses and other death camps. Aghast Manor’s Gaslights must be enjoyed at night, either in darkness or with candle light.

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