Vladimir Hirsch - Sense Geometry [CD]

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Audio Samples :


"Tetragons - Figure 1"


"Circles - Figure 1"


"Ellipsis Segments"


 "Circles (Figure 2) in Tetragonal Structure"


Disturbing and dim ambient soundscapes mixed with a gloomy, throbbing and dramatic industrial sound and with an imperceptible but relevant touch of avantgarde solutions. The outlines drawn by Vladimir Hirsch are not created casually. Every single element is carefully drawn up and the result is amazing in its will to astonish through the whirling soundscapes of a charming fascination for the cinema in powdery rusty colours.

The Czech composer Vladimír Hirsch is founder and leader of ensembles Skrol, Aghiatrias and Zygote.


„Sense Geometry“ is an extensive project based on the musical application of fictive geometric symbolism for certain physiological mechanisms of the psyche. It is an attempt to detect the existence of some kind of order in the seeming chaos. These tendencies may already be recognised in the composition principles of op. 52. The author calls this musical form of mathematical theory “fractal musical geometry”. For this purpose he uses signals of the logic of intervals, rhythm, composition and instrumentation. An important component is the sound, creating a simply structured, but emotionally dense atmosphere, where the industrialised instrumentation of songs plays the role of a chaotic, yet irritating element, the hypnotic concept of rhythm than plays a role of time’s intermediary and guides attention inwards to other plains of view. This album is the second and final remixed version of original recording, evolved basic principles and precized original sound idea.

Jan Blanicky

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