Vladimir Hirsch - Concert Industriel pour Orgue [CD]

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"Part IV. Ensemble"


„Concert industriel pour orgue is initially an extensive composition in quasi-oratorial form, in final version abbreviated and restructuralised. Classical form is here only in contours. Opus is characterised by thematic spurts, erupting in desultory pulses and, exhausted, dying away in a mass of industrial sounds, without consequent ending of idea. The industrial matrix is also a space and energy source for volcanic activity proper. The solo role of the organ is surprisingly not dominant and its parts are often taken over by other instruments. The revised and re-worked second version of the composition is placing more emphasis on systematic approach to its theme and sound, without essentially influencing the above said basic qualities of the opus. In 2002, the third and final concert version was created, markedly different from the original ones with closer concept and highlighted church atmosphere of the composition. This is now released by the Italian label Ars Benevola Mater, both separately and as a part of the author's set of works entitled "The Assent to Paradoxon" (2006-2007 Ars Benevola Mater).

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