Vesperal - Wasteland [LP] (SMR017)

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[Vespéral vɛʁal : French adjective describing nightfall.]
The band aims to conjure the unsettling feeling of a world in transition, where seemingly-beneficial new technologies gradually erase the last remains of our innocence and authenticity. Vesperal explore this dichotomy by blending modern sounds with a more traditional approach. The result is a powerful dark folk propelled by sampling, walls of sound, classical guitar and ethereal vocals.
Vesperal's second album, after "Conqueror Of Emptiness", comes on a splattered black/white LP limited to 200 copies and a Tape limited to 50 copies.
Tracklist :
  1. Enclore & Jouvence I
  2. Dagger In The Heart
  3. The Poacher
  4. Wasteland
  5. Crawl & Suffocate
  6. Enclore & Jouvence II
  7. Dices
  8. From The Deads
  9. Birth
  10. Sacred Contemporary Chant
  11. Can You Hear The Ghosts
  12. Enclore & Jouvence III


Words about Conqueror Of Emptiness :

"An album of modest proportions dominated by limitless headspace. It’s best to let its minimalism slide for the sake of analyzing their cathedral-esque composition, which is remarkable for a band of their stature. Whether their music dashes into the gloom of noir or triumphantly gleams through a nebulous fog, their sincerity and artful commitment to crestfallen songwriting may finally see the light of day"
(By Derik Knak / Musicishorrible.wordpress)

"Les clones de Death In June des années 2000 n'auront au bout du compte réussi qu'une seule chose, celle d'enterrer le genre. Et ce court album de Vesperal apporte un vrai bol d'air frais quant à un style qu'on croyait moribond"
(By Max Lachaud / Atypeek Mag)

"Recently released their chilling and somber full length debut Conqueror of Emptiness. The eight track record is adrift in Parisian poesy and nihilistic existentialism channelled through hushed vocals softly reverberating over an icy fusion of electric and acoustic guitars"

"Vesperal prouve avec ces huit morceaux que le néofolk en France a de beaux jours devant lui"
(By Mithra! Templezine)

"Un savoir-faire et un sens de l’ambiance. Le reste est à l’avenant, et les choix esthétiques de Vesperal laissent entendre sa non-orthodoxie. Et ça n’est pas pour nous déplaire, figurez-vous"
(By Obskure.mag)

"A ne surtout comparer avec rien car cet album restera toujours surprenant. N'oubliez pas ce nom, Vesperal, je ne serais pas étonné si ces gars nous surprennaient agréablement encore une fois à l'avenir"

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