Solventis - Of Dusk And Dawns [LP+CD] (SMR021)

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We’re proud to have brilliant representatives of the French new wave of darkfolk/neofolk on our label, and Solventis is the newest of them.

Led by Sol’s crystalline voice, their solar sound is perfect for these gloomy plague-ridden times. It’s a wild autumnal ride through melancholic soundscapes that will leave you craving to play it again.

The songs lead the way of the light, following the silver lining of hope. Following the bodhran’s rythms and a grounded bass, violin, folk guitars and clear voices lead the way of the light in the coldest times.

Solventis is a solo project from Toulouse, France, that evolved into a band in 2019, adding violin, bass and bodhran to the line-up. In 2018, Sol produced a solo EP called Wintersongs, still available on their Bandcamp.

“Of Dusk and Dawns” is available on a golden vinyl limited to 250 copies which also includes the CD slipcase edition. So you get both the LP and the CD for the price of the LP.

And CD digipak for those who really don’t want a vinyl.

Reference SMR021-2847 Category Solventis Brand 2-Steelwork Maschine