Throbbing Gristle - The Second Annual Report [2CD]

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CD1-1 Industrial Introduction
CD1-2 Slug Bait - ICA
CD1-3 Slug Bait - Live At Southampton
CD1-4 Slug Bait - Live At Brighton
CD1-5 Maggot Death - Studio
CD1-6 Maggot Death - Live At Rat Club, London
CD1-7 Maggot Death - Live At Southampton
CD1-8 Maggot Death - Live At Brighton
CD1-9 The Original Soundtrack of Coum Trasmission film of 'After Cease To Exit'
CD2-1 No Two Ways - Hat Fair, Winchester 1976
CD2-2 Last Exit - Polytechnic, Brighton 1977
CD2-3 Forced Entry - Nuffield Teathre, Southampton 1977
CD2-4 Tesco Disco - Rat Club, London 1977
CD2-5 Feeling Critical - Art College, Winchester 1977
CD2-6 National Affront - Nuffield Teathre, Southampton 1977
CD2-7 Urge To Kill - Rat Club, London 1977
CD2-8 Zyklon B Zombie - 7" Single B-Side, 1977
CD2-9 United - 7" Single A-Side, 1977
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