Teatro Satanico - Friends & Fiends [CD]

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TEATRO SATANICO delivers "different musicK for different people".
This last album Teatro Satanico album contains a dozen of Post-Synth-Indutrial-Elektronics tracks devoted / ispired by various very Teatro Satanico's people like Ulrike Meinhof, Maria De Naglowska, Giuseppe Pansardi e Leonarda Cianciulli, Ilse Koch, Yves Klein, Lorenzo Viani, Mary Millington, Joris-Karl Huysmans and others...
And indeed also the tracks follow everchanging passages and variations.
Some of the tracks are new and unreleased.
Other tracks have been previously released in different formats, like vinyl or whatever else, but in fact are here featured in total different versions, completely re-composed and re-recorded, means this is a complete new album!

To me, in many parts, this album reminds to COIL, the ones of Love Secret Domain and on one track also to DAF -- (Rodolfo / OEC)

01. Ulrike Meinhof
02. La Sophiale de Montparnasse
03. Disco Cianciulli
04. Under the bamboo tree
05. Ilse Koch
06. Sonido de Independencia
07. Mondo Cane
08. Virginia
09. Nero Viani
10. Void
11. Mary Mary (come play with me)
12. Là-bas

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