Richard Ramirez + Atrax Morgue - Your Eyes On My Hands [CD]

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In Memory of Marco Corbelli.
Finally here comes the reissue of the cassette tape dated 1997 and released under Richard Ramirez Deadline Recordings label.
What originally intended as a split release between Richard Ramirez and Marco Corbelli evolved into a collaboration.
The long out of print tape was released in limited quantities of only 35 copies.
In 2020 (23 years after his first release) and the suggestion of Richard in making this 2 decade old noisy masterpiece available again, 4 tracks have been fully remastered and given a new life re-releasing it into LP in an edition of 240.
The LP came out on the Singapore label 4iB with new artwork images and photography by House of S&M (Raws & The Butchdick Collection).

More time has passed and OEC is now going to re-release for the first time this P/E Old School Industrial-Noise masterpiece into CD with the addition of some extra rare tracks.
Plus a completely new art-work using more images and photography by House of S&M (Raws & The Butchdick Collection).
Digipak edition of 300 copies.
1.  Your Hands On Me
2.  Untitled *
3.  (I Want to See Your Eyes)
4.  Your Blood On Me
5.  (I Want to Taste You)
6.  Untitled *
§   Bonus tracks:
7.  ATRAX MORGUE - Take Care of His Death **

* The two short "Untitled" tracks were not available on Vinyl re-edition

** Bonus tracks 7 & 8 are taken from the "United States of Terrorism" tape compilation out in 1995 on Deadline Recordings.
Such tape, compiled by Richard Ramirez, was released in a run of only 75 copies.

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