Svenska Likbranningsforeningen - Vi ska resa ett eldens tempel i Bromölla [CD]

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Svenska Likbränningsföreningen (or more simply SLF):
a healthy dose of post mortem industrial music, made in the traditional way.
Mix equal parts bombastic orchestral mayhem, droning dark ambience and sounds we all will hear at the end of our lives, and you have a tasty treat for all fans of the classic Swedish sound.

Recorded 2022 in Studio Ulvkällan and Nar Mattaru.
All cremation oven gas nozzles and door locks, freezer ambience, human bone vibrations, dissecting table acoustics and musical instruments by LINDELL  / NORDVARGR (Mz.412 / Folkstorm / Bøltorn...).
This CD version also contains a 26 minutes bonus track made from the rotting remains of the debut tape (long sold out from Cloister 2021).

Your fear of death has never sounded better.


1. Stöd på vägen
2. All equal to the flames
3. Eldens tempel
4. En levande tro
5. Rigor mortis delikatess
6. Bårhuset kallar
7. I ugnens skärseld
8. Immolators
9. Gravsättning
10. Instrument maintenance
11. Life´s orgasm

12. Likhuset (Likvaka revisited)

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