The Rita + Caligula031 - Self Shop [CD]

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THE RITA and CALIGULA031 "Self Shop" was first released as a split tape in 2013 by the Italian cult tape-label NIL BY MOUTH in a limited edition of 180 copies.
2023 marks the 10th anniversary of this album and here we go with the CD re-edition including a third long collaborative track.
You know what to expect from those monsters of the Noise-Industrial & HNW scene:
this is a sharp and uncompromising harsh noise wall, sounds cutting like a razor inside your brains while you are dreamening about stockings...
1.  The Rita - Mouths On Nylon, Hour Transaction  14:59
2.  Caligula031 - Lady Vukovar  15:51

3.  Caligula031 / The Rita - Lady of the Night (Autorides)  19:59

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