Stein - Haldor [CD]

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STEIN - Haldor CD
digi CD / Heimatfolk

STEIN was founded in 2005 as the solo-project of Norbert Strahl, the singer of SEELENTHRON and NOTHING ENDS, who was also basic member of the famous NeoFolk outfit DIES NATALIS. Norbert's aim with Stein was, to compose songs for the poems of Georg Thom (his grandfather), written between 1911 and 1936. In the beginning of the band, Norbert worked with Jens Vetter of GRÜNLAND, who also was ex-Dies Natalis member, but due to the intense work on Seelenthron, Stein stopped in the fledgling stage, until in 2009 the project finally grew to a real band. Finally in summer 2010 the first album "Haldor" was recorded in the Studios of Alexander Meier. "Haldor" is a mix of romantic-paganism and apocalyptic visions, packed in real handmade, classical NeoFolk. The album is dedicated to Lorenz Klinger, Norbert's little son, who fights against leukemia with the power of a tiny rock. "Haldor" is Norse and means "Thor's rock". 10 songs / 40 min.

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