Shift - Altamont Rising [CD]

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Ferocious and misanthropic new full-length from Sweden’s son Shift. “Altamont Rising” is a calibration of the cosmic equilibrium in 7 chapters presented by Shift. The album deals with the consequences of man defying nature with Altamont as an example of what happens when pushed far enough. Three works  /events stand as inspiration for the album: Apocalypse Now, Valhalla Rising and Altamont Free Festival. “Altamont Rising” is a brutal amalgamation of malicious vocals, drenched in heavy, claustrophobic death industrial and harsh noise.

Track listing:

1. Circling Raptor
2. They Don’t Suffer Enough
3. The Raptors Talons Tore Their Flesh I
4. Shelter
5. Rising
6. The Raptors Talons Tore Their Flesh II
7. The Greatest Ecstasy
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