Sühne Mensch - Schmerzportrait [CD]

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Galakthorrö 053

Sühne Mensch "Schmerzportrait" CD

[Release Date: 31. October 2022]

Sühne Mensch has no musical past history. This is seldom in times when a trace is left behind early, even if it is merely digital. But this debut album is in no way the work of a beginner. The brain behind Sühne Mensch has collected many experiences even if primarily from other musical fields. Now he impressively channels all his knowledge into this very different music. Schmerzportrait is incredibly rounded and mature, complex yet compact, fitting in perfectly with the Galakthorrö style, but possesses its own individual quality. Schmerzportrait is painful for the Artist himself, because this portrait reveals much, and therefore leaves him vulnerable. For ourselves, the listeners, it is not painful, for we are enjoying the morbid sound from seething analogue synths, driving rhythms, Angst melodies and virtuoso hiss+noise – the foundation with which the distorted, German vocals melt into a perfect unity. A spectacular first work.

:: CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet.


  1. Anklang
  2. Ein Herz Im Käfig
  3. Für Alle Sterbenden
  4. Schwarzes Rauschen
  5. Zeit
  6. Kein Quantum An Milde
  7. Ich
  8. Komatöse Schönheit
  9. Tränenleer
  10. Seltsamkeit Des Himmels

Official Music Videos:

> Komatöse Schönheit (You Tube)

MP3 Audio Files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.

> Für Alle Sterbenden
> Kein Quantum An Milde
> Schwarzes Rauschen
> Komatöse Schönheit
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