Mode In Gliany - Amer Armor [CD]

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Galakthorrö 056

Mode In Gliany "Amer Armor" CD

[Release Date: 26. June 2023]

The debut EP Kelc’h-Lizher is now followed by Mode In Gliany’s first full-length album Amer Armor on Galakthorrö. The unique synth wave of Boris Völt is freed from all exhilarating characteristics. The minimal wave pleasures of the early days are making way for that melancholy that is inherent in the music of Mode In Gliany anyway. Nourished by Boris Völt’s deep connection to his home on the north coast of Brittany. Instead of blood, the cool water of the seas flows through his veins, cold wave, tidal range, and always in clear sight the vista of the horizon, the line that reminds man of his own mortality. The tracks on Amer Armor often commence restrained, and then develop into torrents of analogue synthesizers, vintage drum machines, and vocals in French. The wistful sounds create an almost romantic picture of intoxicating expanse and beauty, the ebb and flow of emotions, that nobody can escape.

:: CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet


  1. Amer Armor
  2. La Mémoire De L'Ensemble
  3. Le Mot Qui Fâche
  4. Masse
  5. Sans Un Mot De Trop
  6. Steren An Norzh
  7. Degas
  8. Accessoiriste
  9. Ici Repose
  10. Étant Donné

Official Music Videos:

> Amer Armor (You Tube)

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> Étant Donne
> Amer Armor
> Sans Un Mot De Trop
> Degas
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