Phragments & Korinth - Mysteries of the Greylands [CD]

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On this album, Phragments and Korinth have united into one monolithic entity, to produce a common opus. Orchestral choirs, dark ambient and ritual passages create a perfect cinematic journey over the mysterious Greylands, an archetypal and symbolic travel through the hidden side of the world. All songs are the result of collaboration of the two projects, resulting in a unique narrative experience. After three years of work, Phragments and Korinth deliver a ripe album – a great journey for the listener.

‘Imagine a hidden side of the world, a landscape of archetypes and symbols. A place where reality becomes myth and myth becomes reality. Where repressed longings lurk, waiting to be awakened. Enter the Greylands.’

This is a collaborative release of Phragments and Korinth. The songs on this album are the effort of both projects.

Written, arranged, performed and recorded 2006-2009 by Phragments & Korinth

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