Prospero - Spreading the infection [2CD]

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Prospero’s new double CD, “Spreading the Infection” draws together sonic elements and innovative artists from different industrial music genres. As a veteran industrial DJ, Prospero has successfully cross-mixed these sub-genres many times to create mass appeal on the dance �oor. With this new release rhythmic noise, EBM, experimental-electro and elements of trance are represented. Themes of nihilism and the approaching apocalypse run throughout the album, giving it a gritty, dark undertone. “Spreading the Infection” features 11 original tracks and 11 remixes, blended together with wonderful synergy across 2 CDs. Bringing in talented collaborators from around the world has helped to create originality and an incredibly dynamic energy. In the age of the “one man band,” collaborations open up the sound palette and help bring new perspectives to a project of this scope. Original track collaborators on “Spreading the Infection” include; Re_Agent, Pneumatic Detach, Battery Cage and Displacer. The intensive sounds on this project are rounded out by a wide range of remixers including :This Morn’ Omina, Xorcist, Converter, Nerve Filter (Tom Shear of Assemblage 23), Remain Silent, Flint Glass and many more. This release truly provides music for all fans of industrial music.
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