Niko Skorpio - Delta Amoeba [MCD]

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Opening with the title track, muddy beats and drowsy vocals are dragged through the nauseating terrain, stumbling amidst the regurgitated noise, the definition of 'sick-hop' indeed. Pain Inducers slashes with corrosive guitars before stumbling forth like some lurching elephant, sluggishly trampled beats and gurgling, broken glass vocals crushed under machinery hacked noise and the residue of too many drugs the morning after. Like waking from a dream into a life that seems more surreal than the dream itself. The surreal nature of Delta Amoeba continues with the final track, Lambs Lie Down, as a jumble of disjointed, almost musical elements (the occasional keyboard lines are at once pretty and almost spiritual) spar with stuttering beats and twisted vocal samples (they slither from every conceivable direction). Pop music for the disorientated masses. Niko never ceases to amaze, no matter what means of musical presentation he chooses to utilize. Outrageous! (Side-Line Magazine)
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