Merzbow - Ouroboros [CD]

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/></a><br/>  <br/>  Ouroboros is an ancient symbol dating back more than 4000 years. A snake  or dragon eats its own tail, and represents eternity, or the  circularity of life. A more modern interpretation might suggest that  mankind will eventually consume itself once it finishes consuming all  the life and resources on Earth.  Snake species are in decline just about everywhere. Agriculture,  pesticide use, roads that separate breeding populations, habitat loss,  decreased food supply and predation by other animals are all putting  pressure on snakes. Sadly, many of them are disappearing for reasons  unknown, and considering their general unpopularity with humans, few  people are concerned. Yet these beautiful reptiles are top-level  predators, and play an important role in the health of every ecosystem  they inhabit. Just as the loss of wolves has lead to unintended  consequences for populations of other animals, so it will be that the  disappearance of snakes will have unwanted outcomes for other creatures,  including man.  Masami Akita, recording under the name Merzbow, with more than 200  albums to his credit, is considered one of the preeminent artists in the  field of noise music. In recent years his output has centered on animal  themes, following his concern for the protection of animal rights.  Albums for chickens, whales, seals and dolphins have been released on a  variety of labels. Important Records of Newburyport, Massachusetts (USA)  has released a series of thirteen CDs, each dedicated to a different  Japanese bird.   "Ouroboros" is presented in an exquisite handmade screen-printed  eight-panel roll-folder featuring original artwork by Mr. Akita, and is  limited to 500 copies. The CD is Merzbow's second release for Soleilmoon  Recordings, following 2007's "Eucalypse" (SOL 154 CD).</div></body></html>
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