Mesektet - Towards A Bleak Sun [CD]

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Ancient Egypt inspired, monolithic drone/dark ambient. Mesektet created rumbling earth drones that echo through caverns and temples. Vast swathes of ominous drones, primordial vibrations, and ceremonial ambience take you on an immersive journey to the Netherworld. The name ‘Mesektet’ comes from one of the two boats which the Egyptian solar deity Ra travelled in: Mandjet was his ‘morning boat’, and Mesektet the ‘evening boat’. Ra used Mesektet as a boat to travel back to the Netherworld from a long day of shining. The deity’s travels were an inspiration for the essence and rich sound of “Towards a Bleak Sun”. Six lengthy tracks (46 minutes) composed as a soundtrack for the deep pyramids and long travels to the Netherworld.

Track listing:

1. Aken
2. Silent Giants
3. Sea Of Dust
4. Burial Of The Sun
5. Hollow Monoliths
6. Forgotten Tomb
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