Hollowing / Marspiter - Habashira [CD]

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A sonic eulogy to the civilization that mankind is racing to bury beneath it's lack of understanding and commanding avarice. A multi-faceted electronic work incorporating violent noise, ambient neoclassical arrangements with mind-numbing drone and ferocious tribal rhythms. A true journey, leaving the listener horrified, but too exhausted to stand. Hollowing presents 4 tracks, swelling with polyrhythms, explosive musical arrangements, swirling death-ambient passages, as well as more subtle, musique concrete material. Marspiter is an unearthed innovator of the neoclassical sound; three tracks of moody, hypnotizing musical creations, buried beneath a fog of reverb and bass creating a dreamlike state. Marspiter's sounds are uniquely signature, in that his methods seem obscure, his arrangements are cloudy yet precise, and the effect is daunting. Packaged in standard jewelcase format. Total running time: 60 min.
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