Grim - Tokyo Hallucination [CD]

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Tokyo Hallucination was first released in 2021 and sold-out immediately.
Hence: here we go with a second print of such masterpiece for all who missed it.
A Psychadelic journey through Tokyo between ecstasy & hallucination...

Best Experimental-Industrial by the Japanese master.
Sounds are rumbling and beating with far rhythms, sampled voices of city ghosts & spirits.
Cut-ups by deformed animals, blinking lights, fast moving geisha’s, blood and drugs…
Like a Japanese Burroughs book turned into Muzak and with a screaming / loughing voice which reminds to Captain Beefheart.

Digigatefold - including 12 pages booklet

01. Haven's Song
02. Underground Sea03. Strangling Tree
04. Music From The Car Radio
05. Visitor
06. Pupil
07. Ecstasy Vision08. To-Gen-Kyo

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