Folkstorm - Folksongs [CD]

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Folkstorm returns to follow up the successful 2009 album "Ortodox" with another crushing assault on your senses.
This time Nordvargr pushes the sound even further and adds a more classic songstructure and vocals to the album - hence the title.
While still maintaining a harsh old-school industrial vibe, these recordings takes Folkstorm to a whole new level.
Welcome to explore the wrath of a man gone seriously pissed off with everyone and everything.
Don't loose the chance to taste the new Folkstorm Combat Folk-Pop(?)!

01. Say No
02. Vermin
03. No Need to Control
04. Smuts
05. Vermin Funeral / Lonely is the Grave
06. I Gave You Life
07. Lifeline
08. Charlie's Song
09. One
10. War of a World
11. Intifada

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