Death In June - Nada-Ized [2LP - Aqua&red 180g vinyl]

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First released on CD on December 13, 2022, 'Nada-Ized!' is now released on vinyl with seven additional tracks. Spanning 41 years of Death In June's existence, from songs like
'Heaven Street' to 'The Trigger,' 'Nada-Ized!' is a selection of tracks that spiritually revisit the group's mid-1980's dalliance with militant electro-dance whilst remaining very much aware of the present. Recorded and produced in separate self-isolation, Douglas P. and Miro Snejdr (Herr Synthwave Himself), have produced these New Play Tunes for New Plague Times. All songs remixed/recorded 2020-22. Limited to 333 copies on black vinyl, 333 copies on translucent aquamarine and translucent red vinyl, 333 copies on translucent aquamarine with black smoke and translucent red with black smoke vinyl.

1. A Nausea
2. Going Dark
3. Their Deception
4. The Trigger
1. The Pole Star Of Eden
2. God A Pale Curse
3. Wolf Rose
4. Heaven Street
1. No Belief
2. The Maverick Chamber
3. My Little Black Angel
4. Luther's Army
5. Last Europa Kiss
1. Break The Black Ice
2. All Pigs Must Die
3. Runes And Men
4. Fall Apart
5. Hail! The White Grain

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