Crisis - Ends! [CD]

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  Ignited by the fires of Punk that swept through the UK in 1977 CRISIS suddenly    extinguished its flame in front of its home crowd in Guildford, Surrey on 10th    May,1980 supporting Magazine and Bauhaus.    Despite more shows being planned this intense performance was deemed a fitting    place to make The Ends Sanctify The Means.    CRISIS had played their first show here 3 years previously and this would be    where they play their last.    The set features unreleased material by the group whose ex-members then went    onto form    DEATH IN JUNE, SOL INVICTUS, THEATRE OF HATE and    CAR CRASH INTERNATIONAL.        Track Listing:    HOLOCAUST    AFRAID    LAUGHIN'    ON TV    WHITE YOUTH    RED BRIGADES    ALL ALONE IN HER NIRVANA *    ALIENATION    S.P.G. **    UK 79    FRUSTRATION    KANADA KOMMANDO        * Never before released and would become a Death In June song.    ** Never before released in any form.    
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