Karsten Hamre - Through the Eyes of a Stranger [CD+DVD]

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Having created music for many years under such project names as Arcane Art, Penitent, and Defraktor, Karsten Hamre returns in 2009 with the simultaneous release of "Through the Eyes of a Stranger" and Dense Vision Shrine\'s "Time Lost in Oblivion" - both on First Fallen Star! Similar to his project Dense Vision Shrine, under his own name, Karsten crafts desolate dark ambient sound structures, ornamented by sampled sounds and experimental textures. The end result of this process is an experience categorized perhaps too simply as dark ambient, though it more closely resembles a dark soundtrack to a movie, or to a life - as seen through the eyes of a stranger... "Through the Eyes of a Stranger" is presented in a DVD case with professionally pressed CD and professionally printed artwork, limited to 1,000 copies! The first 500 copies are presented in a 2-disc DVD case with a professionally pressed bonus DVD (PAL format), also titled "Through the Eyes of a Stranger," that takes the viewer on a visual journey of imagery used for live performances! Released July 13, 2009 on First Fallen Star.


1. Darkness Gently Falling
2. Ode to the Nightspirit
3. The End of the World
4. In Silence Going Down
5. Through Past Times
6. Keepers of the Bones
7. Remember the Past


REVIEWS: Mentenebre (8/10), Gothtronic (8.6/10), Chain D.L.K. (4/5), Side-Line (7/7), Noisebrigade (4/5), KulturTerrorismus (German), Vital Weekly, Heathen Harvest, PAN.O.RA.MA Journal, NecroWeb.de (German), La Defuncion (Spanish), DarkRoom Magazine (Italian)

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