Custodian - I [CDR]

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Awaited CD reissue of a brilliant debut "Cult Of Youth" album which has been released as an LP on DAIS Records in 2008.
This american combo is now tending to be more root rock oriented gaining high success in more mainstream “new angry young men” audience.
But this debut work is a pure old school neofolk, reminding of early days Death In June and Sol Invictus, with young raw power, aggression, extreme sincerity and great hooky melodies.
This version has totally new mastering, so the sound is clearly different from the vinyl release and it has now become proper as artists think.
CD also has 6 bonus tracks including the ones from the first 7” and the first CDR on
Axiomata as well as a couple of previously unreleased ones.

Comes in a special foldout envelope with cardboard inner sleeve and three postcard inserts with lyrics and photos.

Tracklist :
1 Freedom's Path 2:48
2 Cold Black Earth 2:07
3 The Final Myth 1:53
4 Loss Of Innocence 2:32
5 The Hand Of God 2:09
6 Torch Of Man 5:56
7 To The Floor! 2:20
8 Love Will Save Us 2:22
9 Brick By Brick 2:18
10 A Question Of Will 1:48
11 A New Dawn 1:36
12 cmIII 2:52
13 We Will Rise 3:37
14 Beast Of Prey 5:18
15 Train To Kill 4:09
16 Eye To Eye 3:19
17 Hungry Animals 3:39
18 cm 10:17
19 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World 3:06

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