Objekt4 - Shades Of Night [CD]

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objekt4 was formed in 2003 by sweden's anders peterson with the aim of expanding cinematic sound design into music, by creating hybrids with field recordings and musical instruments/approaches. the objective was to create musical ambiance rather than ambient music.

shades of night is objekt4's 6th full length release. objekt4 expands on his early albums with a hybrid approach between various nocturnal ambience, brilliantly combining unique sounds into something that transcends the individual noise. field recordings of the night blend with musical instruments, analogue feedback, and distant voices. the world of objekt4 combines the crackling of a small distant fire in light rain with the singing of night birds, a far off lighthouse foghorn intertwines with the chaos of an insect swarm. electric guitar, gongs, plate bells, crotales, and a 12-string acoustic guitar all seep out of the darkness to add their contribution. that objekt4 can amass these separate sources and construct them into a perfectly blended atmospheric piece is where the beauty and mystery of shades of night comes out of the void and reveals itself in all its glory.

4 separate and unique labels have joined together to deliver this release: australia's basilisk productions, canada's bugs crawling out of people, usa's regimental records and japan's sabbathid records.

track listing:
1. dawn (intro)
2. spirits of soil and sea part 1
3. moth haven
4. a fire on the other side
5. spirits of soil and sea part 2

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