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NON - Live In Osaka [DVD]

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“Live In Osaka” is both NON’s first DVD, and the first DVD to be released by Soleilmoon imprint Cacaciocavallo. It brings together a trio of far-flung and hard to find (and frequently bootlegged) short films, as well as a number of bonus items that make it a “must-have” for fans of Boyd Rice (NON). The film that gives this DVD its title, “Live In Osaka”, is a recording of NON’s legendary 1989 live performance in Osaka, Japan. The band consisted of Boyd Rice, along with a star-studded line up including Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade), Douglas P (Death in June) and Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus). An audio commentary recorded by Boyd Rice specifically for this release provides insight and anecdotes about the performance and tour. Additionally, a short slide show featuring photographs from the Japanese tour is included. The second film, “Invocation (One)”, has been out of circulation for years. At the time of its release, Boyd Rice was hailed by European critics as “the bastard child of Kenneth Anger.” The third film, “Black Sun”, was premiered at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1996 alongside films by Kenneth Anger and Monte Cazazza. It was included in a retrospective of underground films dealing with occult subject matter. Besides the previously mentioned Japanese tour slide show and audio commentary track for “Live in Osaka,” a slide show from NON’s European tour with Der Blutharsch rounds out the collection of special features. Completing the package and complimenting the second slide show is a reprint of Boyd Rice’s European tour diary. It was originally published in Panic magazine, but due to limited distribution was not widely seen. “Live In Osaka” is coded as a region-free DVD, making it playable in all DVD machines worldwide.