BAD SECTOR + TOMMASO LISA - Reset / Rebis Periferiche [CD+Book]

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For this release Massimo Magrini was Joined by the Italian Cyberzone-Writer Tommaso Lisa !
So the album was recorded using as conceptual reference Tom's "Italian Neuro-Poems" collection REBIS .
Short spoken fragments of the texts are treated and inserted in a sonic structure built
with minimal, strangely sincopated pseudo-rytmhs and sharp pulsing noises.
The effect of those spcken texts is really disqieting, a very severe & obscure release ,
different from all previous Bad Sector albums !
In the background, Bad Sector's trademark chilling micro-melodies completes an upsetting,
allucinated but crude vision of our "Collapsing Civilization" .
Try this album & "Reset" your "Weltanschauung" !
The CD is packed inside a book cover, the book contains Tom's Neo-Futuristic & Cyber-poetry ...

Mutua Mutazione 5:14
Plumbei Fari 4:44
Allineate Autovetture 4:11
Viola Vespertino 4:16
Fornace Solare 4:22
Tracce Polari 4:19
Aurei Aerei 4:18
Canale Morto 4:51
Forme Estinte 4:12
Intrichi Angolazioni 3:34
Ipermercati Abbaglianti 4:48
Meccania Infinita 6:02

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