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3eem start in 2003 trying to research the point of equilibrium and interaction between traditional instrumentation (electric guitar and tenor saxophone) and techniques of digital processing of audio signals. There are musical webbings that seem like a trip, that have genetic maps very similar to flowing and unwinding of a story. Wefts in which it is possible to notice the hypnotic alternating of lights and colours in a kaleidoscopic game in which the material liquefies and originates an organic alternating of images and memories. The essence of a trip, therefore, observed and described through its colours. The blue, on all. And it's the electrical and restless spirit of the blue that makes, for first, that fast interlace of sonorous fibers. And the sound becomes image, projecting the listener to the inside of visionary filmic sequences placed in the nightly trembles of the fog which spreads threatening and wrapping on the port of Marseilles or on Hudson's shore. And it is blue the breath of Fabrizio Bazzoni's sax, in the airy and elliptic depth of its reverberates, very palpitating and shouted as well as ecstatic and penetrating. A breath that unravels and reproduces itself without stopping on the same wake on which already John Zorn, Art Zoyd, Barry Adamson traced their way in order to become vehicle of unexpected and bizarre similarities, from the sacral gusts of the Tibetan horns to the sensual and bellicose impetuosity of the flutes of Joujouka. And from the blue to the yellow, to a more calmness of tones, well distinguished from measured and fluid electronic medley of Valerio Zucca Paul, mindful of the best Aphex Twin and Autechre, Massive Attack, Fennesz, Scorn... And then Danilo Corgnati's guitar, 3eem harmonious structure, is linked with Mogway, Sonic Youth and post rock like Pluramon and Labradford. And the essence is expressed in synthesis: the green, in its different shadings, thrones alone, to finally give body and light to the graphical vestment of the whole course.
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