Atrax Morgue - Sickness / Slush [2CD]

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Here comes the re-union of the 2 ATRAX MORGUE cult albums out on two US lables at the end of the 90es.
"Sickness Report" out on Release Entertainment (1996) and "Slush of a Maniac" out on Crowded Control Activities (1997).
Also includued are 3 rare compilation tracks.
Both albums are long time sold-out and very difficult to get  even at collectors prices.
Finally here they are back in a unique and very Industrial-Psychedelic packaging.

Regarding the sounds there is not much to say:
simply alienating Power Electronics in very best Atrax Morgue tradition
In memoery of Marco Corbelli, historical master of Italian Industrial.

1 Evisceration
2 Massive Vulval Warts
3 Deformed
4 Brain Penetration
5 Sphrenix Nor
6 Ipoleptic
7 Arphenia
8 Chronic Disease
9 Slow Agony Of A Dying Organism
10. Deranged (recorded during the "Cut My Throat" sessions, used in JERINGS compilation / L.A.F. org.  2002)
11. No-Ens Torture Demixed (from the ARTE NOISE compilation / DND Noise Industrie  2004)
12. Touch Your Corpse (from the POWER PROPAGANDA compilation / Anemic Waves Factory  2004)

1 From: The Fifth Cord
2 Necrophile Lust
3 Crazy
4 Blade Penetration
5 Ultraviolence
6 Sexycorpse (New Version)
7 Lock The Door
8 Cold Pleasure 2
9 Obsessive
10 Control
11 After Murder
12 Corrupted
13 You Asked For More
14 Cry, Baby, Cry
15 It Was A Dangerous Game
16 Nothing To See
17 Torture

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