Ain Soph - October [CD+MCD]

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Finally we are going for the re-edition of this great Ain Soph album !
This new edition will come with a completely new designed art-work and an additional 3" mini CD containing a new audio track recorded in 2008 + a video track !

The come back of the Roman masters with the AURORA follower album : "OKTOBER" ... !
A unique blend of Italian cabaret and true Italian folk songs !
All is singed on Italian with Ain Soph's usual acoustic instrumentation and their typical keyboard ...

Songs in the way of Aurora but with an additional rocking electric guitar ...
Once more a work out of all standards !
Tales about a Russian soldier during the October revolution ....
Probably even more "surprising" & "politically incorrect" than the "incredible" AURORA ...

Tracklist :
1. uljanov
2. le nevi eterne
3. cavalieri del tempo
4. falce, svastica e martello
5. san pietroburgo
6. morte e disonore
7. koba
+ 1 ghost track

3" MCD
1. gulag mon amour (audio track)
2. tutti a casa (video track)

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