Merzbow vs Tamarin - Split [CD]

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artificial music machine is proud to present our most unusual and experimental release to date, featuring the talents of the most well-known artist working in the field of noise. Japan's legendary Merzbow continues to add to his vast and impressive catalog of recorded sound, this time in collaboration with Tamarin. This full-length CD contains three tracks created by Merzbow using sounds from Tamarin's album The Nationalist (released on Frozen Empire Media) and three tracks created by Tamarin using sounds from Merzbow's album Ikebukuro Dada (released on Circumvent). The result is a challenging but rewarding album that is worthy of close attention. Merzbow and Tamarin's soundscapes incorporate many diverse sonic elements including sampled guitar, hypnotic dark-hop beats, ominously mutating machine sounds, and menacing distorted bass loops. Layers of evolving noise, ghostly hissing, and stuttered rhythms all reveal further complexity on each subsequent listen. Merzbow demonstrates here that "noise" can be carefully constructed and engaging, rather than abrasive and thoughtless. For his part, Tamarin manipulates and repurposes Merzbow's source material in unexpected ways, creating new compositions which range from raw and oppressive to sparse and abstract. Tamarin's second untitled track is a particular highlight of the album, featuring the mournful sound of a processed clarinet accompanied by noise that escalates from a gentle susurrus into a blistering assault that overwhelms the listener.
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