Yannick Franck - Hierophany [CD]

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In such conservative genre like ambient there is not easy to find something to discover, but the music of Yannick Franck can change this widespread prejudice. Infuenced by recent trip to Russia and the orthodox culture, he composed the continuous suite of three movements, showing his personal vision of the ancient rite.

Yannick Franck is part of electroacoustic-noise improvisation project Y.E.R.M.O., with guitar player Xavier Dubois and drummer Jason Van Gulick. They have collaborated with artists Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert on a number of projects. They created soundtracks for the artists' political installation "Collision Zone", held at the Pavilion of Luxembourg, Venice Biennial 2009. Additional collaborations include their intense audiovisual performances, "Things to Come", "Collision Zone", and "Toward The Event Horizon."

In the past, Yannick Franck has collaborated with Pietro Riparbelli / K11, Craig Hilton (Gauchiste, Loincloth), Phil Maggi, Alan Trench (World Serpent, Temple Music, Orchis) and Esther Venrooy among others and his music has been released on several labels including Silken Tofu, Young Girls Records, Sylvain Chauveau's concept record house Onement and Italian label Silentes. He has performed in venues and festivals such as Young Arts Biennial (Moscow), EPAF (Warsaw), Issue Project Room (New York), MUDAM & Philharmonie du Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Instants Chavir?s (Paris), Ausland & Electronic Church (Berlin) among many others. He has composed several soundtracks for theater and dance shows, films, installations and performances.

Musician, performer and founder of Idiosyncratics label, Yannick Franck has developed an increasingly personal style that combines sharp acoustic research and abrasive walls of sound. Often described as trance-inducing, his music is based on the treatment of sources such as instruments and non-musical objects, voice, radio signals and field recordings. It ranges from fundamental acoustic explorations ("The Staircase Continuum") to more stylistic-expressionistic searches ("Memorabilia"); two fields of investigation that tend to collide in his latest works such as Hierophany.

1. Mausoleum 11:31   [ mp3 sample     128kbps    0:59    958k ]
2. The Dive 11:34   [ mp3 sample     128kbps    1:00    967k ]
3. Dying Down 13:19   [ mp3 sample     128kbps    0:59    963k ]


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