Cyclotimia - Sci-Fi Music: Soundtrack to a Nonexistent Movie [CD]

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"Sci-Fi Music: Soundtrack to a Nonexistent Movie"

CD (ltd. 500)

1. Battlefield [mp3]
2. Droids I
3. Front Line
4. Fields of Peace
5. Base [mp3]
6. Time and Space
7. Sleep Factory
8. Mission
9. Colonies I
10. Colonies II [mp3]
11. Rescue
12. Ending
13. Spacecake
14. Quiet Night
15. Droids II
16. Droids' Ceremonial

total length: 50:01
release date: October 30, 2010

As the title suggests, the new work by Russian masters of electronic soundscapes represents a score to an imaginary sci-fi movie. The musicians call themselves admirers of old-school Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk genres, and for a long time they have felt a desire to make some music inspired by soundtracks of sci-fi blockbusters from 70-80-s... Spaceship battles, alien colonies, teleportation and mysterious droid ceremonies are only part of the images created by this music. The album contains both dynamic rhythmic "hits" and disturbing space ambient as well as avant-garde neoclassic pieces.

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