Archon Orchestra - Cenotaph [CD]

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1. Lento [mp3]
2. Hope and Calm
3. Eluding I
4. Give us a Sign [mp3]
5. Yes, I was Glad
6. In Between the Notes
7. Les Dirigeables
8. Eluding II
9. Solace [mp3]
10. Cenotaph
11. Time {extra}

total length: 44:28
release date: February 28, 2013


Together with the labels Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records we are pleased to present you the second album of Archon Orchestra, produced by the well-known founder of Cyclotimia and Sphere Rex projects. "Cenotaph" continues the line started on the debut CD "Pong" - the sounds of a church organ harmoniously intertwine with delicate, subtle electronics while piano and strings mysteriously "float" under the arches of a gothic cathedral immersing the listener in light melancholia. Recommended for the lovers of both atmospheric soundtracks (Ludovico Einaudi, Eleni Karaindrou) and academic "minimalism" (Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt). However it's also absolutely worth checking out for the fans of "neoclassic" and "ethereal".

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