V/A - DEGEM CD 23: Listening Machines - Ecological Perspectives [CD]

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The selection for this DEGEM CD 23 is based on the following curational questions:

- How are technological and social developments reflected and referenced in artistic work?
- How is the emerging closer connection between human and machine, up to and including cybernetic fusions, dealt with artistically?
- What aesthetic questions are posed to the technological developments of machine learning and machine listening?
What perspectives on listening are developed in the artistic work and how are technological perspectives and developments in listening being referenced?

The compilation includes electroacoustic pieces by Henrik von Coler, Anja Erdmann, Daniel Bisig/Ephraim Wegner/Thomas Wenk, Christian Banasik, Karl Friedrich Gerber, Thomas Gerwin, Leon Senger, Ulf Pleines and Javier Alejandro Garavaglia.

Curated by Nicola L. Hein. Design & production by Marc Behrens.

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