Seadem - Skholé [CD]
  • Seadem - Skholé [CD]

Seadem - Skhole [CD]


Romantism and dream’s worlds are the core of this first album of Seadem. As a novel, each song exudes an original sound of folk and neo-classics, supported by the powerful voice of Ombeline Duprat, skillfully exploring an extensive vocal range, alternating between singing, jazz and clear voice. Served by majestic orchestral compositions purified and refined, the romantic universe of Seadem takes the listener into another world, to explore deep inside, mingling dreams, hopes and fears. In this case arose flute and clarinet, punctuating the reading of Skholè and bringing a touch of originality and freshness in this Baroque universe influenced by the literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The confrontation of genders and styles is looking to surprise the listener, to lose in this old theatre. Seadem offers a musical interlude in the modern world and calls to “feel the various” explaining the multiplicity of languages used for this first album of Seadem.

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