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"Time-Loop Anomalies", the next Rapoon offering on Zoharum after "Disappeared Redux", contains more than an hour of eerie, ethereal music lingering on the borderlands of dreamworld and reality. Robin Storey, the man behind the moniker, delivers yet again a subtle woven masterpiece, both being a bold step into the new world and in the vein of his earlier projects continuing recurring themes in his artistic work.

Robin says:
"Time-loop Anomalies" is a collection of single tracks and  'starts' in the creative process drawn together and composed into a cohesive collection of pieces. Many times in the method of composing new works different directions and musical elements are created and then honed down into a direction which is built upon and re-enforced throughout the "narrative" of a album.
"Time-loop Anomalies" is a collection of short stories put together and given a unifying theme which binds the various elements.
The pieces span a wide timescale, but, in the spirit of quantum mechanics, they are tossed together and create new and different perspectives through the workings of chance and composition.
There are hundreds more "starts" that resurface and disappear as time goes by. These are some that made it to the final stage of the creative method and got to be published.
Sputnik remix is my own personal favourite as it is autobiographical, in the sense that I remember looking into the starry skies when I was very young and seeing the little pinprick of light travel through the heavens. It left a deep impression of loneliness and separation upon me ...bleak but beautiful...

Release date: 30.06.2012



01.sputnik remix
02.earthbound and emotional (from carmen... early mixes plus eva vocals: treated)*
03.hybrid identities 1 (radioactive mixes hands held high OCCUPY)
04.hybrid identities 2 (radioactive mixes... rain plus eva vocals: treated)*
05.(memories of) holidays at the sea
06.of course there are aliens (in this world early uptempo mix)
07.synchronic (out of)
08.pig drum ritual (live remix)
09.carmen 2 remix hybrid
10.rapoon solo carmen
11.one year out end


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