Overdose Kunst - Was ist overdosekunst [MCDR]

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Overdose Kunst
"Was ist Overdose Kunst"

3"CD-R (ltd. 250)

1. Partizan
2. Ono Sendai [mp3: fragment]
3. Kurz-y-nuy [mp3: fragment]
4. Requia for Ethnic Cleansing [mp3]

total length: 18:16
release date: October 30, 2007


The Japanese duet Overdose Kunst exists since 2001 and records a strange sort of music which they call "schizopoetry". Rejection of stylistic norms in the name of sound-craft freedom, deconstruction and irrational re-assemblage of musical material - that's what stands behind this term. This approach allows them to keep a child's purity and frankness in musical perception with the ability to send an emotional charge without using settled compositional forms. This disc includes the most song-like tracks of the band: crookedly recorded guitars, voices emotionally singing some nonsense in a mixture of several languages, and reversed melodies. Fine and lyrical post-rock from Japanese experimental underground.

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