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The sun sets and the moon prepares to make up her emaciated face with borrowed light.
A day too long has left the streets resigned to the stupid human game.
In the silence of shame, love flees stealthily. Where humiliation is power, gentlemen are miserable and the shadows of domination lengthen in the twilight.
This is not my cup, this is not my kingdom, this is not my life.
Another day ends, but the feeling is different this time.”
This is the brand new album of Ô Paradis. With broken melodies we all used to admire and strange stories to confuse the interpreter. A kind of documentary with so many questions left without answers. You have 10 songs and less than 40 minutes then the whole life to discover all the enigmas.
Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6aTJpekrGg

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