Maurizio Bianchi - Geni-Z [CD]

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It’s impossible to imagine industrial music without M.B. aka Maurizio Bianchi. Having released his earliest material already during the 70’s, he can assuredly be called one of the primogenitors of industrial, noise and power electronics. Despite having taken a few breaks during his career, the body of work he has released during is so vast it’s hard to take stock of. And he’s not about to stop: Geni-Z proves the maestro is still on top of his game.

Geni-Z is a work of calculated, tightly controlled and highly focused industrial atmospheres. Low-frequency drones and pulsations, high-frequency grinding sounds, whirring noises and waves of subtle distortion create non-musical compositions that lean towards the ambient a lot of the time. The long tracks evolve slowly, never becoming abrasive, confrontational or violent. But nonetheless, there is a constant sensation of foreboding menace lurking here, an unnerving and disconcerting feeling. Peaceful and serene this is not.

The brooding, oftentimes quite minimalist, and meticulously crafted soundscapes on Geni-Z are in many ways industrial in their purest form, focusing on abstract experimentalism and the freedom of non-musical expression instead of walls of deafening noise or crude audial violence. The album is a fine and worthy addition to Bianchi’s long and winding discography, testament to the fact that Bianchi’s well hasn’t run dry of idea even after so many years.

Catalytic-sound material generated and encoded over the years from 2015 to 2022, using nucleic-electronic sources and noise frequency sequences.
Concretistic-molecular images structured within my Opera's house.
A huge thank you to Pharmakustik for his genomic mixing.

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