Dieux Des Cimetières - Stormens Tidsalder [CD]

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Limited edition of 100 copies, comes as 6-panels glossy laminated digipak.

Stormens tidsålder is an album that takes the listener from the battlefields of the Russian civil war of 1917-1922 to the bombings of Helsinki during the Second World War, to the run-down shacks where those irrevocably traumatized by war drown their pain in alcohol, and finally to the bleak, conflict-torn future looming in our horizon. In an unlikely turn of events, this album exploring the long and lamentable history of conflict in modern Europe was completed just weeks before war returned to Europe – a melancholic soundtrack for this age of the storm we now live in.

Formed in 2017, Dieux Des Cimetières have since then put out a number of independent digital and small-run releases, culminating in the debut album European Fire, released by Steinklang in 2020. Stormens tidsålder sees Dieux Des Cimetières expand upon the lyrical concepts and musical expression of European Fire, resulting in a much more fleshed out, ambitious and evocative work. Created with an understanding of, and utmost respect for the traditions of martial industrial, neoclassical and neofolk, it is an album that places itself within that continuum, but without restricting its expression to banal conventions or genre limitations.

Inspired by the likes of Yukio Mishima, Oswald Spengler, Tom Of Finland and Friedrich Nietzsche, Dieux Des Cimetières’ Stormens tidsålder is an album of majestic, orchestral and at times even epic martial industrial exploring men in places and times of dissolution. Throbbing, droning synths, martial percussion, neoclassical orchestrations and neofolk elements weave images of trenches and ruins, marching armies and passionate lovers, and a world aflame in the conflagration of Kali Yuga.

Recorded in 2020 and 2021.
All tracks by J. Ryhänen.
"Omaggio" is a reworking of a track that appeared on the very first DDC release, Weepers Eve, in 2017.

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