New Axis - New Axis [LP+Bonus CD]

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NEW AXIS is a side-project of Westwind that has existed basically since 1998, but never released anything, so far. Teknopop, synth-pop, electronica, chiptunes, name it however you like.

The LP includes 6 tracks, including a cover of Black Magick SS's 'My Love' (recorded 2020) and a cover of Kraftwerk's 'Spacelab' (recorded 2006)

The CD includes the first two series of recordings, namely "First Axis" (recorded 1998/2002) and "Second Axis (2002/2004).

Artwork picture by Carlo Navato, thanks for his kind permission to use it.

Tracklist :

A1        Un Monde Trop Plein
A2        My Love (cover of Black Magick SS)
A3        Concrete
B1        Spacelab (cover of Kraftwerk)
B2        Endless
B3        4Tr

CD :
1        First Axis
2        First Axis
3        First Axis
4        First Axis
5        Second Axis
6        Second Axis
7        Second Axis
8        Second Axis
9        Second Axis
10        Second Axis
11        Second Axis

Reference 2926-SMR025 Category WESTWIND Brand 2-Steelwork Maschine