Westwind - Ravage [2CD] (SMR008)

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€7.50 Save 50%
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The long awaited Westwind double-CD 'RAVAGE', five years after its latest release 'TOURMENTE',  will finally be available in February 2010.

Apocalypse is now, and this is the soundtrack to the collapse of civilisation.

The regular edition will be limited to 900 copies housed in a Digifile packaging, with artwork by Nicolas Crombez.

Samples : Chant Of Uriel - Alles Ist Grun

A limited edition is also available right now for suscribers, limited to 50 copies.

The records will not be ready before February 2010, and will be shipped to you as soon as we get everything in stock. 

Complete tracklist :

CD1-1 Rise
CD1-2 The Machupo Ballad
CD1-3 And I Saw Them Murderers
CD1-4 Al-Dajjal
CD1-5 Yawm Al-Qiyamah
CD1-6 The Great Conflagration
CD1-7 Kali Yuga
CD1-8 Project Megiddo
CD1-9 Vatican As Jericho
CD1-10 The Ebola March
CD1-11 Chant Of Uriel

CD2-1 Acharit Hayamim
CD2-2 Chant Of Ezrael
CD2-3 Of Last Things To Come
CD2-4 To Those Of Perverted Faith
CD2-5 The Marburg Requiem
CD2-6 Scorched Earth
CD2-7 Satya Yuga
CD2-8 Destruction Time, Again!
CD2-9 Pandemia
CD2-10 Alles Ist Grün
CD2-11 All Is Well In The Shelter
CD2-12 Ravage

Reference SMR008-1445 Category WESTWIND Brand 2-Steelwork Maschine