Watercoloured Well - Arsonists Rebirthday Audition [CD]

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This is debut album of the german band consisting of various artists who are involved into the experimental music scene since 80s, each one is quite well known through own activity, but for this album, they gathered altogether for the first time. Seven improvised tracks are recorded in the best way of post-industrial jam sessions of the past.

Brandstifter is interdisciplinary amalgam, chairman of Walpoden, plays as/in Meulenkrach, SK Orchestra, The Dass Sägebett, Wizards of Oi...
Ronnie Oliveras is a part of Datashock, Flamingo Creatures, Autistic Argonauts, Phantom Limbo.
Dirk Huelstrunk is soundpoetry-performer all over Europe, Scandinavia and USA, with lectures and workshops at schools and universities, broadcasting for e.g. HR, DLF, SWR, RNEspagna and regulary shows Knallfabet on Radio X, co-founder of Kulturnetz Frankfurt e.V. who organizes cultural events, festivals and poetry-slams.
Tanja Roolfs is member of the performance-duo Horstundireneschmitt and co-host of Walpodenakademie, co-organizer of Kunstzwerg-Festival, shop & studio for jewellery, art and design in Mainz, released some music with Immerhin and Blechen on tape and CD.
Daniel Voigt runs SicSic Tapes label, works at Phantom Limbo Collective, plays as/in Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Horzes, Autistic Argonauts and Pawned Pajamas.
Johannes Lauxen is member of Knertz Collective and performed with We Rip Stockings!, Death Machine, Kolter and solo (releases on Knertz and Kind City).
Mr. Ebu works also as Herr Ebu and with Hacke Peters and makes music for TV-documentations, DVDs and slideshows, runs label Ebus Music and regular show on Radio X, also author for fanzines, magazines and books.
Barbara Rössler did coverpainting during the musical performance, she lives and works as illustrator, caricaturist and painter in Mainz, has exhibitions, participations and performances since 1995, founded the artist’s workshop Das Atelier.


For this recording, eight people come together after a performance night, with hangover and Himalaya-Food from Maggi Kochstudio: no rules, no target, just flux with sound and ink. This album was recorded 22nd January 2011 at Walpodenakademie, Mainz, Germany.



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