Vladimir Hirsch - Les Scenes Ardentes [CD]

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Compositions for integrated ensemble, choir and sola, op. 75. A collection of scenic works, adapted as conceptual album, originally composed or arranged for theatre performances in the period between 1994 and 2003. Rewritten, restructuralized, rearranged and remixed in 2006. The album represents author´s typical consistent, achingly nervous harmonic structures with rich inner life and articulation, corresponding with mighty, monolitic sounds of orchestration in original integrated arrangement, ending in the creation of the order of primarily chaotic particulars. Restructuralized, re-arranged and remixed in 2006.
Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drums, vocals, programming; participation of Martina Sanollová and Dominika Karčovská (vocals) and Czech Integrated Ensemble and Choir. Mastered by Vojtěch Haňka. Produced by Tom Saivon.

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