Various Artists - Playing On The Ground [CD]
  • Various Artists - Playing On The Ground [CD]

V/A - Playing On The Ground [CD]

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The new compilation in the annual series of Luigi Russolo electroacoustic and noise music contest CDs, presenting eight best works of the total program of 69 tracks, co-released with Studio Forum (France) и Gracia Territori Sonor (Spain).

For this 2012 installment of the International Luigi Russolo/Rossana Maggia electroacoustic and noise music contest, there was two times more participants than before. But the growing popularity demands more attention and selective input. This CD includes winning tracks and also tracks received the special mention of the international jury: Timothy Schmele (Germany), Steven Snethkamp (USA), Carlos David Perales Cejudo (Spain), Theodore Karkatselas (Greece), Esteban Zúñiga (Mexico), Andrei Lisin (Ukraine), Sam Salem (UK) and Mathieu Prual (France).

The contest winners are Timothy Schmele, Steven Snethkamp and Carlos David Perales Cejudo, other tracks included were specially mentioned by Jury: Theodore Karkatselas, Esteban Zúñiga, Andrei Lisin, Sam Salem and Mathieu Prual.
1. Timothy Schmele "The common Perkins Scream" 09:01    
2. Steven Snethkamp "Disembodied" 09:29    
3. Carlos David Perales Cejudo "Plastic bourrée" 08:17   [ mp3 sample     128kbps    0:43    692k ]
4. Theodore Karkatselas "Sting" 11:07    
5. Esteban Zúñiga "Proverbe 29.18" 08:03    
6. Andrei Lisin "Sumyatitsa" 10:00   [ mp3 sample     128kbps    0:41    664k ]
7. Sam Salem "The sun warms the memory" 11:28   [ mp3 sample     128kbps    0:38    627k ]
8. Mathieu Prual "Souffles" 10:40    
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