Velehentor - Dyatlov Pass [3CD]

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Velehentor however, deserves a separate theme, this Ural collective, possible to name one of the most interesting post-industrial collectives of Russia. Since the basis in 1998, by mastermind and the unique constant participant, 121 (CLOSING THE ETERNITY; VALHALLA), they have let out 11 albums. VELEHENTOR never had accurate stylistic frameworks, it Dark Ambient; Industrial; Harsh Noise; Power Electronics; Ritual; Drone Ambient; each album is unique and distinct from another, but VELEHENTOR, is always recognised, on unique sound and absolutely and precisely verified concept. Sounding gets out according to a theme of albums.
Each album VELEHENTOR is devoted any defined, to event, a place or the phenomenon, with an ominous shade, poisonings with the Siberian ulcer; nuclear bombardments; terrorism; dead cities in zones of ecological disasters; cases of poisonings of one people by others; war; the cities-phantoms left by people; mass suicides and inexplicable, mysterious cases destruction of people - as on albums 'Dyatlov Pass' which we pride represent!

Now, the album is available for the first time in the full version, on 3CD:

CD 1 - Dyatlov Pass
CD 2 - Man-Pupy-Njer (Velehentor/Ad Lux Tenebrae)
CD 3 - Otorten

It's released in beautiful 6 panel digipak, limited to 493 copies only!

"Dyatlov Pass" has been recorded in 2002, it scale record consisting of 2х long, nearby-hour tracks one of which has been written down together with "Ad Lux Tenebrae", and 9 short compositions.
In 2003 without the permission of the authors, the first track has been published in a cd-r format, limited in 121 copy, by a piracy label 'fight music' and stood out for a high-grade album. The edition has been instantly sold-out, has received huge quantity great and enthusiastic responses, and till now it is considered one of the best drone ambient works from Russia...

It's a true monument and a masterpiece of ritual-shamanic drone ambient music.
The album is devoted, mysterious death of nine professional tourists, on a mountain Holat-Sjahl slope (that in transfer from Mansi language - "Mountain of dead") on February, 1st 1959г. Sixty years later this history continues dements researchers, but the solution probably will be already never found... The set of versions, hundreds research expeditions, and can explain nothing years of investigations that has occurred that night!?
Investigations of the deaths suggest that the hikers tore open their tent from within, departing barefoot in heavy snow; while the corpses show no signs of struggle, two victims had fractured skulls, two had broken ribs, and one was missing her tongue. According to sources, the victims' clothing contained high levels of radiation, but no one from group do't work with radioactive objects.
Soviet investigators determined only that "a compelling unknown force" had caused the deaths. Entrance to the area after the incident was barred for three years. The chronology of the accident remains unclear due to the lack of survivors to the accident.

Velehentor, will spend you, to sound travel through time and space... In the infinite Snow-covered Northern Ural Mountains (one of the most dangerous and remote areas on a planet), on 60 years ago, there, where it again occur!...

~Welcome to the Mystical Winter-land~

Infinite fog Productions. Digipak 3CD, lim: 493 copies
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